Developer’s Corner

Welcome Developers!

wfview is, and will remain, Open Source Software, developed by many people and licensed GNU GPL v3. By keeping the source open and available, wfview honors the spirit of amateur radio, providing material for the end-user to understand, modify, and contribute to. If you wish to use the wfview code in another project, you must keep the project also licensed by the GNU GPL v3. If you have questions, please ask.

The source code is available here:

Issue Tracker:


Developer Tutorials

We’ve made a few tutorials on common wfview development tasks:

For Radio Developers

We’ve added a new page called “Built for wfview“, which shows what commands to implement in order to support wfview and/or wfserver on new radio designs.


We welcome contributors, from both first-time and seasoned developers. To contribute:

  1. Make an account at
  2. Fork the wfview code into your own repository
  3. Test your idea.
  4. Cleanly and surgically make your final change and commit back to your own repository
  5. Submit a “Pull Request” and optionally, drop us an email or a note on the forum to explain what you’re changing

Coding Style

wfview does not have a specific coding style. When contributing, try and make your changes easy to read. Add comments where needed. Try and stick with the sort of style you see within the source code. If you recognize our current style as something you’ve seen before, please let us know and we’ll change this paragraph to indicate it.