wfview is maintained by volunteer fellow radio-enthusiasts just like yourself. This roadmap is not so much a plan as it is a list of things we’d like to do with wfview. You can follow our progress by looking at the commits on gitlab. Be sure to check each active branch as we don’t often commit changes directly to the master branch.

Next Major Release:

  • Official IC-905 support
  • New Memory management UI
  • New Rig Creator interface for making your own radio definitions
  • More hardware controllers
  • More flexible interface
  • Dual Spectrum Scopes for radios that have it

Future Releases:

  • Audio Processing
  • Fully-customizable user interface
  • Support for more radios
  • Additional radio controls

How you can help:

  • Bug reports from you! Including log files with debugging enabled. The more the better.
  • Testing!
  • Send radios :-). If you send us a radio, we will work quite hard to get it supported and of course send it back.
  • Participate in our online discussion forum at


Comments? Please stop by our official discussion forum: