Sharing Control Overview

wfview provides several methods of sharing the control of your radio with other programs. For example, you can connect to your radio with wfview, and then connect fldigi and MacLoggerDX to wfview. In all cases, connect wfview to the radio first. This is because wfview runs some commands that may not be compatible with other software programs, and also needs high-speed access to the waterfall data (which some programs would filter out). rigctld, which is built-in to wfview, is generally the best control option as it supports multiple programs at once and is generally simpler to configure. The virtual serial port option may be better for users running unusual commands that aren’t in our implementation of rigctld yet. Don’t forget to check our guide on how to share the audio with other programs, needed for network-access audio only of course.

virtual serial port and rigctld with wfview

The three principle methods of control are (click the links to learn more):

  • built-in hamlib-compatible rigctld server: recommended, supports multiple programs at once.
  • Virtual Serial Port interface: Emulates a genuine serial port in software. Only one program may use it at a time.
  • Raw TCP/IP socket: Works for a few programs such as N1MM+ and possibly RUMLogNG.

These options can be enabled on the Settings tab under the External Control page.

For 3rd party programs that need radio audio, such as fldigi and wsjt-x:

  • If the computer is connected to the radio using a USB cord, simply use the audio device within the 3rd party program, as you would without wfview.
  • If you are accessing the radio remotely using wfview over a network, please see our page on Audio Configuration.

The following is a table of programs we have tested. For programs listing “rigctld”, you will need to select “Hamlib NET rigctl” (or similar) as the radio model. See the rigctld page for more information.

SoftwareVersionPlatforms TestedWorking?ConnectorComments
WSJT-X2.3.1Windows, Mac, LinuxYESrigctld
Minos2.4.1MacOS, WindowsPARTIALrigctldNot Linux/MacOS
fldigi and flrigCurrentLinuxYESrigctld (preferred) and Pseudo-Term
MacLoggerDX6.35b5MacOSYESrigctld (preferred) and Pseudo-TermRequires com.dogparksoftware.MacLoggerDX dp_virtual_serial_port configuration option
QLogCurrentLinuxYESrigctldUse model "Hamlib NET rigctl". Don't forget Equipment -> Connect Rig