Supported Radios and Features

wfview is designed with compatibility in mind. Where possible, commands are used with a rich history dating back sometimes as far as 20 years. And while the more advanced features, such as the waterfall, are only available on newer radios, older radios can still enjoy rapid radio control and remote operation using the built-in server.

The following radios are considered the “core” supported radios for wfview, and thus have the most supported features:

  • IC-9700
  • IC-R8500
  • IC-7850
  • IC-7610
  • IC-7300
  • IC-705

If your radio is not on the above list, please see the chapter for Using Older Radios.

Support for these radios is planned but not tested at this time. You may find that some already work.

  • IC-7600
  • IC-7410
  • IC-7400
  • IC-7200 (many features coded but untested)
  • IC-7100 (many features coded but untested)
  • IC-7000
  • IC-706 (no PTT command)
  • IC-718 (no PTT command)

Support for these radios will be difficult, but may happen if we can borrow one for development:

  • IC-9100
  • IC-910H
  • IC-735

Most Icom radios will work for frequency, band, and PTT control. Most will also work for level controls (mic gain, af gain, transmit power, etc).