wfview has keystrokes for almost all commonly-accessed controls one would need to have a QSO or browse the bands.

Not only is this convenient for rapidly manipulating the controls, it also may enable blind operators to use modern touch-screen radios if a computer (or even a Pi) is set up to run wfview in full-screen mode on boot.

Don’t forget to check out our supported USB Controllers, which offer even more hands-on controls.

Many users find that a stand-alone numeric keypad provides sufficient controls (frequency, mode, and tuning are available).

For users of the vi editor, we have added HJKL support, with modifiers for J and K being shift and control. H and L follow the selected tuning step.

And for those on the opposite end of the spectrum, we’ve also made sure that wfview works well on touchscreen devices. wfview looks great running full-screen on a 10″ touch screen connected to a Raspberry Pi, for example.

NOTE: Mac users will need to substitute the Command key for the Control key mentioned here.

User Interface Navigation:

F1Main View tab
F2Band tab
F3Frequency tab
F4Settings tab

Numeric Keypad Operation:

/Cycle through common modes
*Enter frequency
+Increase frequency by 1 KHz
-Decrease frequency by 1 KHz
number and decimalUsed to enter frequency

Band Tab:

6Jump to 6 meters
1Jump to 10 meters
tJump to 12 meters
5Jump to 15 meters
7Jump to 17 meters
2Jump to 20 meters
3Jump to 30 meters
4Jump to 40 meters
sJump to 60 meters
8Jump to 80 meters
LJump to 160 meters
gJump to last general coverage frequency
AJump to VHF Air band
VJump to 2 meters
UJump to 70cm
WJump to Wideband FM band


F5Activate mode LSB
F6Activate mode USB
F7Activate mode AM
F8Activate mode CW
F9Activate mode USB-D
F10Activate mode FM
F11Toggle full screen
F12Send speech command to radio
FTell radio to speak current frequency
MTell radio to speak current mode
Control-IEnable/Disable the ATU
Control-URun ATU tuning cycle
HDecrease frequency by selected tuning step
JSame as -, with modifiers of shift and control too
KSame as +, with modifiers of shift and control too
LIncrease frequency by selected tuning step
+Increase frequency by 100 Hz
-Decrease frequency by 100 Hz
Shift +Increase frequency by 1KHz
Shift -Decrease frequency by 1 KHz
Control +Increase frequency by 1 KHz
Control -Decrease frequency by 1 KHz
Page UpIncrease frequency by 1 MHz
Page DownDecrease frequency by 1 MHz