8 comments on “MacOS (universal) release v1.0

  • Mr Paul Menown says:

    Hi Phil,This didn’t work on my Mc Mini M1
    I have sent error report to your email address on qrz

  • Paul Menown says:

    Working very well over wifi connection, one minor issue regarding the band selection page, the highlighted band remains at 70cm although the radio switches the band changes ok.
    Thanks for the hard work to all concerned.

    • The idea with the button highlighting is more for keyboard control as pressing spacebar will activate the currently highlighted button. It certainly isn’t perfect and does need some work!

  • Steve Seelbinder says:

    I am using a USB cable from Icom R8600 to iMac running Big Sur. Not getting any connection. Log shows could not open serial port. Suggestions?

    • Hi Steve.

      Unfortunately when I built the latest MacOS binary, I didn’t think about USB connected rigs so USB access entitlement is likely not being requested by wfview. It should be possible for me to add this in the next build which should be done in a day or two, but to be honest if you have an IC-R8600 I would absolutely recommend connecting over LAN rather than USB. Performance will be significantly improved, especially the waterfall display.

      73 Phil

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