Linux release v1.0

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  • Create Date 2 May 2021
  • Last Updated 26 July 2021

8 comments on “Linux release v1.0

  • Wow I’m exited.
    Something useful for a Linux user.
    Still a newby on Linux but will never go back to Windows.
    I’ll see if I can make it work and provide some constructive feedback.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Programming is not my cup of tea.

  • OK, I created a subfolder in /user/local/bin and extracted the d/l into it as root;
    On executing the script the following message received:
    This script MUST be run from the build directory. Do not run it from the source directory!
    If /usr/local/bin/wfview-1.0.linux_ isn’t where the extracted files are supposed to be (“build directory”?) where are they supposed to go?

    • Hi Dave,

      You do not need to create that folder. The script should be run in precisely the location it appears when you download it. You are correct that the message is not accurate about a build folder.

      Let me know if that helps,

      de W6EL

      EDIT: Please do as follows, per the file:

      eliggett@thinker:~$ cd ~/Downloads
      eliggett@thinker:~/Downloads$ tar xzvf wfview-1.0.linux_.tar.gz
      eliggett@thinker:~/Downloads$ cd dist
      eliggett@thinker:~/Downloads/dist$ sudo ./

  • Toshiyuki says:

    I tried with Ubuntu-Studio 20.04.
    I can not input user/passwd for Server setup @ Connect over USB.
    But MacOS version is works fine.
    Why not?

    Toshiyuki MORIYAMA
    JA6VZB also AH0T

    • Hi Tosy.

      This is a known issue which is fixed in the soon to be released v1.1. If you update from the master gitlab repository, you should be able to input username/password.

      • Toshiyuki Moriyama says:

        Hi Phil,

        I found the same issue about Raspi.
        I can not compile it on Raspi with 1GB memory.

        But, I input direct user/password with config file successfully.

        Thank you very much for your help!

        Toshiyuki MORIYAMA
        JA6VZB also AH0T

        • Hi Tosy

          With the Pi compile, it should work if you do ‘make -j2’ as ‘make -j’ tries too many simultaneous compiles and this results in memory exhaustion.

          73 Phil M0VSE

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