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  • Hi there.
    Using windows and I don’t seem to be able to do anything except select the com port and audio i/p. Nothing else seems to work. Bound to be me missing something. Ideas?
    73 Geoff.

    • Hi Geoff.

      If you connect via USB then that is all you need to do. Once you save the settings and restart the program, wfview should automatically connect to your rig. Audio via USB isn’t currently working locally as we are trying to come-up with a good way to do this.

      73 Phil M0VSE

      • Hi Phil.

        Tks for quick reply. Sorry to say doesn’t do as you say. I should have said using 9700. There are 2 leds bottom right of screen, left green, right blue and then NONE. Presume this latter means no rig detected. Don’t know what the leds mean. Entering a band and freq doesn’t do anything. Manually selecting a com port or leaving in auto doesn’t appear to do anything either.
        73 Geoff G4XMJ

        • Ah if you are using the IC9700 then you absolutely should use a LAN (network) connection as is it MUCH quicker, you then click on the “Enable LAN” radio button and add the IP Address, Username and Password that are configured in your rig. If you must use USB then it is worth checking that you have selected the correct USB port for the rig (the IC9700 creates 2 USB serial ports but only the primary port will work). Also, if you will need to ensure that C-IV Transceive is enabled in the 9700 (in Menu/Connectors/Set/C-IV). wfview relies on this setting to enable auto-detection of the rig model.

          73 Phil

          • Quick reply. Setting ci-v transceive on and using the correct com port, I know it’s the lower one, doesn’t work either. I’ve not set a username or password for the rig, have to do this later. Is 50001 correct for the control port?
            73 Geoff.

          • To be honest, we have only done limited testing over USB on Windows, most of our focus has been the LAN connection as that is the most ‘useful’. When you configure the LAN connection in the 9700 menus, the default control port is 50001, I would only change that if you are already running other software on that port so yes 50001 should be fine.

            73 Phil

  • OK Phil I have a 7300 and I am experienceing EXACTLY what Geoff described. I do not have internet at my locaton but was hoping to use may like a panadapter for the waterfall and some of the screen functions

    • Hi John,

      Have you checked the C-IV transceive setting as that will cause the issue you are seeing. Also make sure that nothing else is connected to the COM: port.

      73 Phil

  • John G4HPW says:

    Just giving it a try using the LAN connection to my 7610. I can get the audio ok but cannot control anything else.

    • Hi John.

      If you are getting audio, that is almost certainly the C-IV transceive setting in your rig (this must be enabled) Menu/Connectors/Set/C-IV

      73 Phil M0VSE

      • John G4HPW says:

        HI Phil

        Thanks for your reply, that was exactly the problem as I had not realized it needed to be on.
        Everything is now working correctly other than the antenna switching as far as I can see.

        John G4HPW / W1JCT

  • Just back from the shops, turned on and it’s working (USB). No sound as you noted earlier. Will play with network settings later. I think this must be to do with turning off the power supply whilst out. I didn’t do this before so maybe a setting wasn’t being changed until power restart. Anyway will continue monitoring.
    73 Geoff.
    PS The save my name, email etc doesn’t save!

  • Ronny DM2RM says:

    It works great now with the latest Win Beta Version. I missed to set the CI-V Transive to ON.
    Nice toy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Hi,

        Yes it is possible using a “pair” of virtual serial ports, there are various Windows applications that can provide this, I am currently using VSPE from http://www.eterlogic.com. wfview expects one of the ‘pair’ of ports to be COM20 so simply create the pair using COM20 as one side and any other port as the other. You then tell JTDX to connect to the other end of the pair of ports.

        We are working on other methods of doing this but the virtual serial port solution is currently the only way.



          • At the moment, the program will automatically try to connect to COM20, it doesn’t need enabling, this will just fail if there is no COM20. You can see if there are any errors in the log file %TEMP%\wfview.log

            I am currently writing the code that lets you select which COM port to connect to and I will probably release a new Windows binary in the next day or so.

            73 Phil

  • Great project! Working well, looking forward to rig memories access.
    This is a nit, but I can’t store repeater frequencies at 500 Hz resolution (in the frequencies tab). Get rounded up to the next kHz.

    Thank you.

    • Hi AB4TC,

      It’s a known bug. You may find that it varies depending upon the frequency. It’s also not storing the offset and PL. Memory locations are something we will re-do in the second release. For R1, we’ll fix the frequency resolution and maybe a thing or two more there, but overall, I’d like to re-write the memory system.

      Glad you’re enjoying it!


      de W6EL

  • ik0pul andrea says:

    Hi guys,

    no way to make it working, nor with ic-7610 via usb neither with 705 via wifi ( using 705 with wifi as access point ). tried two different computers, all settings seems ok. i wait suggestions and/or next releases… very courious to test it. thanks for your effort. 73

    • Hi Andrea.

      Have you enabled CI-V transceive on the radio(s) as that will get disabled by Hamlib and other software? That is the most common problem.

      73 Phil M0VSE

  • Lyn W0LEN says:

    Just installed Windows Test Build (2021-05-09) and everything I’ve tried seems to be working (IC-7300) except that the Cursor (Spectrum window) is almost impossible to see. Is there a way to make it brighter / bolder / anything?


    • Hi Lyn.

      This isn’t a problem we have experienced before, but you can change the theme from the right hand combobox underneath the Spectrum display, it has various different colour schemes. Also try adjusting the ‘Ref’ slider and see if that makes any difference (it adjusts the reference level of the spectrum scope).

      If you can join the forum on https://forum.wfview.org and post a screenshot of the problem, that would help us diagnose it further.

      73 Phil M0VSE

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